Welcome to the Family Immigration Alliance. As you can read in the ‘About’ section, this site exists to promote British citizens, permanent residents and their families in the discourse on immigration. As a group of people deeply attached to immigrants, whether they be spouses, children, siblings or parents, our rights to have these family members live with us are heavily conditioned by the burden of proof that we can support ourselves, and often years of bureaucratic difficulty and uncertainty.

These are stories that have not been told, or at least not told enough. The objective of this blog is to feature the stories of permanent residents, British citizens and their families. In this formative stage, this site at the very least offers a place publicise your experiences and redress the voicelessness of immigrants, citizens,  residents and their stifled, under-represented lives.

Combined with regular entries on people’s personal experiences in immigration, I will update this page with relevant articles and blog posts on these themes of family immigration, it’s proposed changes and the proposals to replace the Human Rights Act with a ‘UK Bill of Rights’.

As such, please find two recently posted articles by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants and the Migrant Rights Network:

Young bear brunt of migration policies

Migrants should not be reduced to their economic value, human rights must be part of the immigration debate

If you would like to share your story here, please feel free to email familyimmigrationalliance@gmail.com

-Chris, FIA


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