Today I’m pleased to launch the Family Immigration Alliance.

To launch the blog I have written a 2 part guest blog post for the the Migrants’ Rights Network.

This is a blog for ‘sponsors’ in family based visa applications. In the wake of government proposals on the minimum income threshold for UK sponsors and a UK Bill of Rights, this blog serves as a platform to voice the experiences and opinions of British citizens & permanent residents in family immigration. If you are or know someone going through the turmoil of a family based visa application please link them to or email




One Comment on “Launch”

  1. D says:

    Despite having read about the consultation and filling it in, i dont remember anything about raising the threshold for minimum income for a sponsor. but i asume it was in it. I’m kind of devasted by reading what they are proposing. my girlfriend is american, we cannot get married and be granted immigration rights in the states because they do not recognise gay marriage/union for that puporse. i thought civil partnership was our way forward and altho getting a visas, moving etc would not be simple, straightforward or cheap, i thought it was at least possible. if they introduce that minimum income and it is even slightly more than the lowest amount they are proposing, i wil not meet the criteria and we will not have an option to together ANYWHERE.

    how did i miss this? Moving will not be for a few years but when are they proposing this change, this change that will f*ck up so many lives? I am utterly gobsmacked.

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