An enquiry

…not of the judicial kind.

I received an enquiry which touches on the more fundamental problems of visa processing; the isolation and stress it causes. The presence of these two factors was enough to prompt the start of this blog, but for many, writing isn’t enough.

I am married to an Algerian man; he has been in stuck in his home country for 8 months trying to process a spouse visa. It is a long convoluted story; but needless to say it has been one of the most emotionally stressful, frustrating and anger provoking experiences of my life.It is also extremely isolating, as no-one understands what i’m experiencing as well meaning as they are. To be stuck in limbo with no concrete end dates on this interminable stress is not emotionally healthy.
I’m writing to see if any support group exists where women or men in situations like me can share stories and frustrations; and I don’t just mean a blog; i’m exhausted by communicating with faceless bureaurocracy and organizations. It would be healthy to connect with a real live human being; or a least hear a human voice.
Encouragingly, the enquirer is interested in writing down her experience for the FIA here as well. In the meantime, if anybody knows of any face-to-face support groups on this issue, please comment with details below.

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