Family Immigration rules announced

The government has announced its plans to adopt the Migration Advisory Committee’s proposals on family immigration, taking effect on 9th July 2012. The Family Immigration Alliance, as an organisation formed around the needs of families and sponsors, has a clear objection to the government’s adoption of these proposals.

The proposals constitute a severe erosion of civil liberties for huge numbers of working sponsors, whereby the right to a family life has become conditioned beyond practicality at £18600; without recourse to public funds. While recognising the need to demonstrate support, the FIA considers the threshold of these proposals an act of obscene discrimination not only against citizens/residents with non-EU spouses, but against ethnic minorities, poor, young and disabled people. To deprive access to family members and the individual income they bring to a household presents the most vulnerable in society with an ominous future. More worryingly, it sets the foundation for a deeply stratified society, where finance extends beyond your quality of life, into your freedom to have a family at all.

The government has opted for a view that economics alone should be the benchmark for immigration rules across all categories. In the opinion of the FIA, this fails to recognise the non-economic motivations behind family immigration and indeed reveals how piecemeal the government’s efforts to support family life in the UK really are. This we find to be morally unacceptable and a shameful digression from the values of British society (not to mention their manifesto) – values that migrants across all categories are forced to prove their knowledge of for settlement purposes.

This has become an issue which starts with a supposed clamp down on a distracting minority of criminals and ends with the relegation of innocent UK sponsors to a second class of citizenship; dictated by personal finances.

The Family Immigration Alliance was set up to not to let sponsors be quietly reduced to collateral damage and will continue to campaign – now to restore the once equal rights of sponsors.

There are a number of blogs covering the details of this further, and some with damning parody!

Please also sign the e-petition in opposition to the new Family Immigration rules and vote here on Ian Birrell’s concise criticism of them.

For sponsors there is of course no better time to speak up about this injustice. The FIA is here to voice your concerns. Please email with your stories and reflections.




One Comment on “Family Immigration rules announced”

  1. BrianM says:

    The English test requirements are just as discriminatory as the financial requirements. EU members coming to the UK with non-EU spouses are exempt.

    It would be a bit of poetic justice if children or grandchildren of current Tory ministers marry non-EU spouses who have a block (like many adults) to learning English and are prevented from settlement in the UK on that basis …or if such people find they are in desperate requirement of nursing or other medical care and there are not enough practitioners in the UK thanks to these new rules. It is precisely such new and responsible immigrants who would be paying taxes to help fund their future state pensions …and would be looking after them in their care homes.

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