Chris’ story

Can it be true that my british wife (we’ve been married since Jan 2009) and children who are british and want to return to the UK, can not do so as she has to find a job earning GBP18k in order for me to be able to migrate there with my South African passport…
Our two children are both under 3 years old.. I have a Masters degree from a UK university, have worked legally in the UK for 5 years – left a few years ago to accept a position in Dubai – but now we can’t return as a family unless my wife returns to work in the UK (and she will likely not find a part time job earning that with her child-care qualifications)
Surely I’m missing something or are the new laws just plain pulling our family apart…

One Comment on “Chris’ story”

  1. alifp says:

    You haven’t missed anything. I am British and have 2 year old son. I have a master’s degree but my U.S. citizen husband is the one who has been supporting us. It is now on me to find a job in the UK. We want to have another child but can’t do so with the immigration uncertainty. This law is ridiculous for women with young children or who have been stay at home parents. How are they supposed to find a job and work at it for 6 months, especially if their partner is not allowed in the country to help with childcare? We are going to move and hope that I find a job. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for someone like your wife, who it sounds like chose to stay home with her children and be supported by her husband. Why should she now be cut off from her family. This law clearly discriminates against women and families in this way and the only thing to do is to spread the word and fight it in the hope they repeal it and let us have the family life that is supposedly protected by EU law.

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