Gary’s story

Gary’s Story

I am a 43 year old British cititzen. I have a full time, permanent, promoted position in education (Depute Head Teacher at Kirkwall Grammar School). I have been married to Kristee for 9 years. I have a 15 year old stepson, Kyle, and we have a 3 year old daughter, Nyah. Kristee, Kyle and Nyah are all Australian citizens.

The UKBA are insisting that my wife and kids travel to Australia to apply for the ‘proper’ entry clearance to return to the UK. This is despite the fact that they were previously issued with ILR visas when we last lived in the UK in 2006! This would mean that I would be faced with a terrible choice, to either:

(i) Not see any of them for around 6 months or
(ii) Resign from my job and travel to Australia with them to a situation of homelessness and unemployment there.

Supporters of ours have started up an online petition in order to try to get the UKBA to act in a decent and compassionate way, consistent with the expectations reasonable-minded people have of their government.

Please visit our online petition (by clicking on the weblink below). Our petition, to date, has been signed by almost 1000 people including over 60 parliamentarians. It contains links to press articles about our case which have apppeared in the local, regional and national press. It also contains a link to an interview of our family at our home in Orkney in Scotland. This interview was aired on Scottish Television on 19th June 2012.

Kindly visit our petition and sign it, if you are happy to do so. You may also wish to add a link to it on your Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. in order to help spread the word?

Kind regards

Gary Boyd B.Ed. M.Ed.
Deputy Head Teacher
Kirkwall Grammar School


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