Kevin’s story

I am 31 years old and I have a wife of five years and a son who is soon to be 1 year old.

Whilst travelling around Asia I met my wife, for the first few years we were happy to work and reside in her country with no rush to come to the UK, as I knew the job market and the economy was in a bad way I decided to spend my time living abroad off my savings until the economy picked
up back home.

I came back and could not find a job that lasted more than a few weeks, just temporary work. Eventually after six months of living without my new born child and wife, I started work in a full time job, as well as taking on a part time job to take me over the £18,600 threshold.

After speaking to specialist agent today I have found out that I will need to wait another NINE MONTHS to apply for our visa because if your job is paying less than the £18600 you need to combine both jobs over 12 months and they will not accept the 6 months worth of payslips.

This means if I wait on their new rules I will have to live without my family for more than 18 months and even then they may not approve my application. So then it could go to an appeal, which is where they make you wait up to another 8 months for a response or hearing.

By the time this is sorted my son would be 3 years old and I would have spent no more than a few months as part of his life. At present I have two jobs, my wife has a job waiting for her with a
friend of my family but we still do not qualify.

Now after hearing this news I am planning on giving up my jobs and moving to her country to teach basic English in one of the many TEFL school’s based in Asia.

I have no choice, my country of birth has attached a prison sentence to me, and taken what should have been myself and my son’s bonding time. At present I am forced to clap through Skype as a form communication with him, I cannot accept living apart any longer.

I sincerely hope that some moral person in power has a wake-up call some-day soon and sorts this mess out, until then I am forced to give up two taxable jobs to be with my family abroad.



6 Comments on “Kevin’s story”

  1. Alison Hamilton says:

    I am so sorry, Kevin, to hear your story. The situation seems to get worse and worse…I thought it was six months of salary you had to show. Now it seems they want even more. Many people like you I am sure will leave and go to live in the foreign spouse’s country. I doubt the law will change in the near future but it is certainly causing distress and hardship to many couples.

  2. clueless says:

    I was under the impression that it didnt matter how many jobs you had as long as you met the financial requirement for atleast six months.

    i cant believe that it not true

  3. clueless says:

    the requirements the UKBA I quote – documentary evidence must be produced to prove your income.If you earn a salary , you need to submit six months personal bank statements, six months wage slips and a letter from your employer including certain information about you and your employment. Which means that in reality you have to be earning the minimum income for six months before you can apply.

    does it mean that kevin what do you say or anyone else pls help

  4. DLH says:

    I think what Kevin is saying is that if the British sponsor doesn’t have the £18,600, you can ‘combine’ the income of both the British sponsor and the non-EU spouse, but that you have to submit 12 months of evidence rather than just six.

  5. Roxxroxx says:

    This is SOOOOOO awful! Absolutely HIDEOUS. And hardly anyone knows about it, it seems! there is a government petition in need of 100000 signatures and it’s currently at 177! It is absolutely messing with people’s lives to an unacceptable degree.

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