Kirsty’s story

My name is Kirsty, 22 years old and a British citizen, 11 years ago my auntie married a Tunisian citizen and I attended their wedding, at the wedding I met my auntie’s nephew, Karim. I returned to Tunisia in June 2010 and was re-introduced to Karim, who is now 24. This time we kept in touch and our relationship blossomed, but not without the uncertainty of how we could remain in a relationship of such distance and knowing it would be an expensive struggle to get him here. We accepted we loved each over and could not live without each over. We married in July 2012 with hopes to apply for a spouse visa as soon as we could, unaware that just as we were marrying, new laws were being put in place requiring that I earn at least 18600 per annum minimum and when we found this out we were truly devastated.

Upon meeting with a lawyer recently he basically told me I have no chance I would be refused again and again until it was taken to the high court. He advised me I could fight the law but if I lost the cost would be astronomical. Now I am truly stuck and the only option is to continue as we are; with me visiting him and  not allowing me a chance to save money for our future. This is not how I expected my married life to be; a fight to be with my husband… This breaches my human rights to family life and from what I can see this contradicts the law, this law discriminates us who are hard working tax payers on an average salary which means by this law, only the rich can bring home their partners?!


3 Comments on “Kirsty’s story”

  1. Anne says:

    I so understand how you feel love, My son is in the same position, He is married to an american citizen and they have a two year old daughter, but because my son is not working he has no chance of bringing them over here. Meanwhile all the family is seperated from my grand daughter which is heartbreaking.

    Best wishes.

    Love anne x

    • Lilly Eaton says:

      Sorry to say Ann but your son is not in the same position. Your son could live in the USA or get a job

      • Sheikh says:

        Hi my comment is in reply of the second comment how you can say get a job there is no jobs for example if get a job how many jobs u c in jobcentre over minimum wage. Look in to the rules and then comment it spouse to b £10 an hour . If we are in this situation today the only thing is to blame is the bad policy’s of government the need get a life. And leave the poor families to live together

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