R’s story

I feel like the majority of people don’t understand the implications of these new rules. I am currently abroad and with my partner, but despite my profession earning over the 18600 threshold, it’s unlikely we will be able to move to the UK as we had planned. This is a problem as we are a same-sex couple, and staying here where our Civil Partnership is not recognised is not a suitable long-term solution. We planned to have a family together and after lengthy fertility treatment, I am now pregnant with twins. We decided that we wanted to raise them in the UK so that they would be close to my parents.Getting a job offer as a UK school teacher from abroad is not easy – most schools will require a lesson observation and will discriminate due to my time here in the Independent sector. We had planned to have our children and then move to my parents’ home so that my (very ambitious and talented) partner could look for work. This work probably would not be over 18600 as she is a chef and my parents do not live in London. I would spend a bit of time being a full-time mum whilst searching for a new job and perhaps volunteering part time in state schools for exposure and current UK work experience.

Now I need to try to get a job in March (April at the latest) before most are released after the May half term break. If I don’t then we will need to stump up the (18600GBP x2.5) + 16000GBP = 62500GBP in savings. If my property sells, we might make some of it, but not all. And if it doesn’t…. I take our 18-month old twins away and leave their other parent alone in Bangkok? I don’t see another option – it would be better for me to leave, find work and appeal than to stay here without a job or a Visa – that would mess up appeals / further applications. However, it would mean living as a single parent trying to meet the 18600 whilst spending half my salary on rent and half on childcare. In that case, I would definitely be seeking Working tax credits and claiming government support I would otherwise not be in need of! My parents should not be denied the right to see their grandchildren. All of this has come as a serious blow to our excitement at the family’s imminent arrivals at what should have been a joyous time.

In the event that I do get a job, the next problem is housing. We have several options of friends / family who might be able to accommodate us temporarily while we organise a rented place, but that may well stand against us as insecure/ non-permanent. So must we arrange and pay for a (London) rental contract in March /April which we must continue to pay for for its duration even in the event of an unsuccessful Visa application?

It seems so unfair – both of us have been employed without break in the last 10 years and are graduates (and I have two postgraduate qualifications). I worked as a teacher in state schools for 5 years, left for a two year break to broaden my own horizons and fell in love. I’m still here, but had I realised the door to my own country would be closed to me when I wanted to come back, would I have left? Of course not – it changes everything!

Ironically, my (also highly qualified) brother who works in Tanzania is in the same situation -he has a Tanzanian girlfriend. My poor parents.


2 Comments on “R’s story”

  1. BritCit says:

    Oh that’s ridiculous! The point of immigration rules should be to stop a bunch of people coming here in sham marriages and/or to abuse the benefits system. Not to keep Brits apart from their loved ones. Presumably your parents are also getting older and with you and your brother both effectively locked out of your country, it must be so hard for them? Has that angle been considered by this extremely silly and money hungry govt?

  2. Lilly Eaton says:

    I am not sure why you need to find 18600 x 2 plus 16000 you need only to be earning £18600 for six months if your children are not British £2400 per child.
    1 child in addition to the partner – £22,400. per annum
    2 children in addition to the partner – £24,800 per annum

    If your salary is lower than this then you need the £16000., You don’t need to pay London rents if you can house share with friends or family,.
    I just reread your post and see you are pregnant so your children will be British then you only need to earn £18.600.
    As a British citizen you can claim tax credits and this will not affect your application., the door to your country is not closed to you,


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