Amanda’s story

My case is a little more complex than most. As this is my second non E.U marriage.

What I would like to make clear from the start is that I am not marrying from outside the E.U just to bring these men here.

I married my first non E.U husband at the beginning of 2010.

At the time I was in deep beaverment over the death of my brother.

I was not really aware of the pit falls that can happen when meeting someone and marrying them from outside the E.U.

Anyway it so happened that this man was violent and abusive and 2 days after his visa application was denied he phoned me and told me that he wanted a divorce.

I subsequently reported him to the embassy as it was obvious that it was all a sham to get into the uk.

Contact with friends
So after this I swore that I would never get involved with anyone from outside of the uk.

But I still maintained contact with friends I had met via the internet; one being my present husband.

Imed had watched all that had happened with my previous husband and was, as were many others, a very good friend.

After talking to him for over year I went to Tunisia to meet him, in Summer 2011.

I went with no expectations at all but found that he was exactly as he had been in all our conversations.

We had a fantastic week together and I decided to return a few weeks later. This time I went to his family home and met his family.

We got engaged in October 2011 and set a date to get married in June 2012.

But in the mean time I would invite him to the U.K on a visit visa.

This we had to abandon as my mum was terminally ill. I became her full time carer and felt that it would be unfair to Imed, as I did not know how long my mum would live and would not have been able to spend much time with him.

My mum died 6 weeks after we abandoned the visit visa.

So I went to Tunisia for a month to grieve.

I have been back and forth to Tunisia on many occasions to visit my husband.

We planned our wedding. my family and my best friend joining us for it.

One day too late
The plan was that as soon as I came back from Tunisia on July 8 that we would start the settlement visa.. I was 1 day too late..

The job I had did not pay anywhere near the amount that the government has set down. So I applied for hundreds of new jobs until I got an interview with my present company…still this job does not pay the amount that the government requires; I am still £2400 short.

Since these new laws have come in to affect it has but a massive strain on our marriage as we see no end to this exile.

In the last 3 years I have lost so much…

My baby niece was still born, my younger brother died of cancer followed by my aunty, my mum,my grandmother, and my cousin.

Now after all that I this I am being punished for marrying someone whose religion and race do not fit in. As much as the government says that this is due to the interest of the economy…it has nothing what so ever to do with that.

Because for many years the ukba has stipulated that anyone marrying from outside the E.U will have no access to public funds.

My husband is not asking to be kept by this country. He has always worked; and I might add hours that would not be tolerated in this country for a wage that many would not even get out of bed for. All we want is to have the right to live in the same home in the same country…that is our only crime.

A Cruel Choice
People say to me why do I not go to Tunisia to live?

Firstly I have a home here.

Secondly I have 2 grown up children who live with me but are finically independent.

Thirdly I have 2 grandchildren.

And lastly I have a decent job now.

So why should I be forced to choose between my family my home and my husband?

No one who is married to a European is asked this question.

If I were to marry someone inside the E.U I would not have to pay an exorbitant fee to ask that he be granted the right to live with me also he would have access to every benefit my government allows.

Why is it that there is one rule for  Europeans and another for a British citizens?


One Comment on “Amanda’s story”

  1. arnold says:

    i have a simular problem, i’ve always voted tory, as my parents where business people, felt that correct to do, but never will i vote again , labour from now on, i loath the prime minister and his henchmaen, no humanity whatsover,

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