John’s story

I met my wife in 2008 when she was studying for a BSc in Business Information Systems. We got married in August 2011, however my wife had claimed asylum and it had been rejected and was going through appeals. Unfortunately she hasn’t been able to regularise her stay in this country and she has been told to go back and apply for entry clearance from her home country of Zimbabwe. The problem is I am self-employed and I do not earn the £18 600 required to sponsor my wife. We own our own house I have never claimed any benefits all my life. To make matters worse my wife had a miscarriage at the end of September. I worry about what’s going to happen to us, when I will be separated from her and everyday is just full of worry and depression. I am 58 and I find it difficult that the Home Secretary has said I should uproot myself and go and live in Zimbabwe if I want to stay with my wife. It’s heartbreaking to know that other EU nationals can come and live in this country with no hassles when I am a British citizen and have to be punished for loving someone and for not being rich. John


3 Comments on “John’s story”

  1. arnold says:

    Yes John, it’s bloody dam disgrace, I am in simular situation, i love my philippines fiancee and our 3 months old beautiful baby girl, called angel, she’s totally white baby beautiful, but being retired now, don’t have enough income by new rules to bring them here, what happened to humanity in this country., I would sign to say we’d never ask for public funds, we could manage finacially, two can live as cheap as one,why don’t government put that in place, I’D sign and my future wife.
    My parents had business and i always voted tory, NEVER EVER AGAIN, cameron lost his child, you think he would understand, that people should have free movement in this world, when I love my future wife so dearly and such a loving good person she is, it’s ok for him on £135,000 per year, not many people actually working earn, £18,600, I am sad, dipressed, and long to have my family here with me.
    John I wish you all the best I can and hope you find a way to be with your loved one, crazy rules, of poloticians out of touch in this world of family,people should in these cases be allowed to have compassion, not thoughtless mindless rules applied to them,. God bless you and your family, John.

  2. Dadih says:

    John I in a similar situation it’s been now 10 years fight with Board Agency Uk. I hve a husband and two sons and I’m expecting a third son. It hurt I recall in 2010 I went for a hearing for the apeal for my husband and kids I just dropped in to tears when the judge said to me you work as a nurse and hve settlement why can’t u go back to your country and be with your family . It hurts for sure I dnt leave on any benefits .

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