A positive signal

Here is a really useful and concise research briefing of the family immigration rule changes for MPs, published today in the House of Commons library: http://www.parliament.uk/briefing-papers/SN06353

It covers the details of the changes, rationale and motivations etc to date. Most encouragingly the role of the FIA in promoting the experiences of sponsors has been acknowledged as part of the civil society response to the changes; and the view of the FIA, during the announcement of the changes in July, is even quoted at length within.

After a year of campaigning on these rule changes, it’s a sincerely positive signal that the objections of sponsors is becoming a recognised part of the discourse on this issue. And although as a blog and campaign we seem to have missed our first birthday (30th November…!) this acknowledgement stands as anniversary enough for the leaps and bounds made by sponsors in opposition to the rules, in just 6 months since they came into force.

For the scale of the task ahead of us, the work being put into the campaign is beginning to pay off. So please continue to post your stories and updates, and ask others you know suffering under the rules to share their stories here, and submit them to the Brit Cits pack of case studies being circulated to MPs and the media; as the attention they’re receiving is on the rise.


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  1. S Green says:

    Good work!!

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    On 19 Dec 2012, at 22:39, Family Immigration Alliance wrote:

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