A spouse’s story

My partner and I would like to get married and settle in the UK, but because of the family migration rules we are not eligible for a fiancee visa. My partner has accepted a new job doing supply teaching to give him the freedom to work on a new business that he’s set up (I also invested in this company and I am a shareholder). The problem is that we were told by a lawyer that he needs to be employed for 6 months before we can even apply and it wouldn’t matter if he took an income out of our business because that wouldn’t count either. This leaves us in a difficult position. Also, we were told that my savings, income, and property (which totals up to about $225,000) does not count at all. I’m frustrated because, while 6-8 months may not seem like a long time, I have to plan my life around the government. I am not able to have children and so we need to adopt and will likely have to be married for two years before we can even apply to do that. I was also told that financial help from parents is discounted. This whole thing is just crazy. I’ve read time after time about known terrorists that can not be deported from the UK based on their human rights and yet I can’t marry my partner because I wasn’t born in the UK (I am a United States citizen). Isn’t not being able to marry who you want a violation of human rights?


2 Comments on “A spouse’s story”

  1. Vaz Putin says:

    Totally rediculous and double standard by the British Government. This new rules are punitive and discriminatory.Human Rights are Human Rights and not when is suit the Government.

  2. The Conservative government is not only racist but worse than than the fascist government of Russia and then Germany put together. As a German national living and working in the UK i have witnessed open abuse yet we call China all the negative. A case of the pot calling the kettle black. The UK present government is abusing anyone having anything to do with foreigners except when it comes to stealing money overseas and bringing into UK for its development.

    David Cameron continues the brinkmanship of making the middle class and other working class UK citizens poorer. I can’t wait to vote out this bunch of mis-fits in the next election

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