Guy’s story

Guy, an author from Teeside, writes about his own encounter under the family immigration rules.

Married for 7 years to his US wife Stacey, and with a 5 year old, dual-nationality, son, he unable to unite his family in the UK under the income threshold.

I never thought it would be easier for me to emigrate into the US than Stacey to come here but there we are. I hope this sheds some light on the frustrations and outright outrageous unfairness we face in trying to reunite our family in the UK.


Full write up here:


The recently published report from the APPG on Migration has brought out many more people affected by these rules. Please do write to familyimmigrationalliance[at]gmail[dot]com if you have been affected.




The unnamed sponsor

My good friend married their Peruvian girlfriend in May 2012 and applied for a visa in the summer as they had lived previously together in Peru.

He had to take a second job in order to make the minimum income criteria. He was initially happy to do this until the tragic consequences became clear.

Earlier this year his wife fell pregnant. Knowing that even with 2 jobs he could not meet the minimum income criteria for a wife and child his wife was forced to terminate the pregnancy.

She is now back in Peru awaiting the next visa application and has no support as she is unable to discuss the tragedy with her catholic family, and her husband and UK friends are not with her.

I want to petition to end this disgusting infringement of pur basic human right. What kind of government would force women to have abortions to possibly save only pennies.

These laws are aimed at the wrong type of migrant and should be fought against.

Report on the Family Migration rules released

The APPG on Migration has released it’s much anticipated report into the family migration rules.

The report is available here, which the FIA contributed a summary of its testimonials submitted to.

This represents a landmark in the campaign and an extremely useful resource for us in the forthcoming activity to overturn the rules.

Free movement have also revealed the outcome of a freedom of information request, confirming a 20% increase in refusals to female applicants.

On the 9th July, ‘Divided Families day’, many of us will be gathering to protest against the rules, on the anniversary of the implementation last year – more details will follow. But in advance of this, please do take action to make the full impact of these rules known.