Progress marked by Divided Families Day

A week ago the Divided Families Campaign made it’s strongest display of objection
and unity against the family immigration rules. The day began with the presentation of a petition to 10 Downing Street – a sure sign that the campaign is beginning to reach a new level of importance. This is poignant because it follows an important High Court judgement describing the income threshold as unfair and recommending an amount closer to £13000 per annum.  This is a fantastic result so close to the anniversary of the rules. It represents a huge success for the contributions and evidence submitted by the FIA and other colleagues in the campaign.

In the afternoon there was a terrific turn out to a demonstration outside the Home Office. The mood was quite a contrast to the same event a year ago and marked by the understandable outrage that parents, children and spouses are feeling. Many spoke of their heart breaking experiences under the new rules, which served as a bittersweet reminder of the wide ranging toll the rules have taken in one year.   The day concluded with some excellent contributions in parliament. High profile speakers, including the Dr Maggie Atkinson, The Children’s Commissioner for England (speaking of behalf of Northern Ireland, Scotland Wales), Keith Vaz MP, Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, and Sarah Teather MP – a long standing ally of the campaign – all contributed. The key takeaway was the power of personal testimonies. Your stories have been making a real difference in this campaign, as increasing numbers of MPs and peers start to speak out about the devastating effect these rules have had. Take a look at the pictures from the whole day, courtesy of Jason Wen. I feel a confident and tangible a sense of progress towards overturning such a controversial rules on and this is thanks largely to you sharing your stories.

The message is as simple as ever – keep on blogging, sharing, posting, signing and enquiring about this issue. The tide is turning. Chris FIA