A wife’s story

I am a wife. I love my husband. I am American. He is British. The UK government thinks my husband needs to earn £18,600 so I don’t sponge off the welfare state, while the average UK worker earns about £13,000. They do not care how much I earn. They do not care that I have health insurance and doctors here in the US. They do not care that I own my own business and work as a freelancer, so my presence in the UK takes zero jobs away from UK citizens, it only allows me to spend money on their economy and contribute to their society through my taxes and just generally being a good person. They do not care that I have a Masters degree from one of the finest universities in the UK. They do not care that I have friends and a life and a home in the UK. They do not care about me. They do not care that I applied honestly and truthfully and with good intent. They care about the £660 pounds we don’t have to make that threshold. My family’s happiness is for sale and it costs £660. I did not factor into this decision at all, nor did my character, or my relationship with my husband. A number did. And that number has told the UKBA that I am undesirable. I am smart, I am kind, I am educated, I love, I work, I adore my husband and miss him and our home. But that doesn’t matter now. Because I am an undesirable. And I am devastated. The right to have a family life has been denied me. I am unworthy even of that. Because of a number. I am not a number. I am a wife who loves her husband. And I am angry.

3 Comments on “A wife’s story”

  1. Lisa says:

    I understand how you feel, I am an English citizen married to an American, we’ve been together for 5 yrs, married for over 3 yrs, I have just come back from the airport where I dropped my husband off after a 2 wk stay with me and our 3 children, we hadn’t seen him since January and I don’t know when we will next see him, it makes me sick, the government needs to re think this in humane law and stop letting all the undesirables into this country, who have no connection to anyone, and the only reason they’re here is to sponge off of the government.

  2. Brenda Coonan says:

    I am in the same boat, my husband is British I’m South African been married for 29 year have to daughters.my hubby and youngest flew over last July and in oct my eldest left also, my visa was turned down and we did not meet the £18,600. I am stuck here all by myself as I have no living family, this is so hard on us as a family to be torn apart like this law.

  3. Charlie says:

    System is Ageist too …. My 58 yearold male USC and beloved soulmate and I (a 58 yearold childless UK born and bred woman) dearly want to get married. My beloved has a military pension, I own my own home – but even though we both can afford to never to be a burden on the UK benefits system, we do not meet and are never likely to meet the financial ‘requirements’. Requirements that no EU member needs to meet to come and live here. I own my own home and have never been a burden on the state. Imagine this… we live in a terrace in the Thames Valley. There are FOUR zero-bedroom ‘bedsit’ flats next door to the 2 bedroom home I own outright. There is only one UK home-owner in residence in one of those flats. The other 3 flats are rented out at 500 a month to EU couples. 2 of these couples have little babies and stay at home mothers. These families can live freely, love freely and reproduce freely in UK without contribution of financial criteria to meet to be a resident family.
    No UK employer WANTS to employ ‘me’ at 58 and retirement on our private pensions won’t meet ‘approval’ by the system until in 65.
    The system is pro EU people – but not its OWN people.

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