A story from Syria

I am a British citizen, I was born in the UK in 1977. My family left the UK when I was eighteen months old, I grew up in Syria and qualified in cardiology. Because of the conflict I decided to come to my second home in GB, only to discover that it is not allowed for me to bring my Syrian wife, who is the mother of our three Children, two of whom are British. We got married in 2005 and I came to the UK in June 2013. After eight years of marriage now I am here in the UK, and my three British children and their Mum are in Syria.

My wife is Syrian, she  cannot apply for the visa because of the financial requirements. I am a cardiologist, qualified in Syria. I have to pass the IELTs English test and PLAB medical test to register in the general medical council and get a job later on.

I have three children:
Amin 7 years old, British Citizen
Nawal 6 years old, British Citizen
Naya 10 months old, who I could not register as British citizen because I am not in Syria.

The conflict in Syria destroyed my life and the UK government has broken my family. I feel that in any time I could lose my family. When I came here I did not know about the financial requirement, and if I knew at that time I would not have come.
I am under stress and I think daily about leaving the UK and looking for a job in the gulf area. I am not able to go back to Syria because the regime would probably arrest me. They consider any Syrian who left Syria to be with the opposition and they leave the names of travellers at the border.

How many families are in the UK depending on  benefits in their life? I feel that if I was an asylum seeker or an EU citizen in the UK, it would be better than being a UK citizen.


3 Comments on “A story from Syria”

  1. Lilly Eaton says:

    Firstly your youngest child, just like your other children is British by descent and you should apply for a British passport immediately. Then go to EIRE (southern Ireland) find work ANY job
    will do. By doing this you are exercising your Treaty rights in the EU. You can bring your wife to Ireland to join you as the wife of an EU citizen After six months of living in Ireland you can apply to return to the UK under the EU rules, no worrying about finances. This is known as the Surinder Singh route.
    Please contact me on info@astonlawpractice.com and I will assist you further

  2. Jamal Tourk says:

    I totally agree, you are right my brother
    Don’t give up, just keep try, and Inchallah they’ll come to you safe
    I really hope you meet them soon,
    It’s do hard
    I’m tankful me and my wife came together

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