A parent’s story

Are British laws made for people with money?


Government law states that the new minimum wage is £6.31

Government law states that a working week should not be more than 48 hours.

United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) requirements for a British subject to bring their spouse into the UK are that they must be earning £18,600 a year.

Now £6.31 multiplied by 48 equals £302.88

£302.88 multiplied by 52 weeks equals £15,749.76


Therefore if someone was to earn the Government minimum wage even if they were able to work 48 hours per week for 52 weeks, they would still not be able to reach the UKBA requirements. (Note 52 weeks means no sick leave for casual workers no public holidays and no leave unless it’s paid leave)


It is the UKBA that allows students to enter the UK and although they cannot stop them from falling in love, young people seem to do this.


Such is the case for my son and his partner who are married.


A British student who leaves University in today’s economic climate finds it hard to get work so they end up being waiters or packers and therefore end up on the minimum wage and more often than not do not get to work 48 hours a week. If they are lucky they get 30 to 35 hours. Their foreign partner is not allowed to work more than 20 hours a week. So if the British subject is lucky enough to get 30 hours and the foreign partner gets 20 hours giving a total of 50 hours between them, this is still not enough. ((50×6.31) x52=£16,406)


The British student’s parents are prepared to house the couple and feed them but this is not taken into account by the UKBA.

In the case of these two students the foreign student’s parents are residing in the UK with right to remain but their support is not taken into account as well.


I would suggest that the UKBA stop all foreigners from coming into the UK as that is what they seem to want.



A very unhappy parent.

4 Comments on “A parent’s story”

  1. arnold says:

    hello, yes i agree whole heartedly, this government has lost the original reason for loved one’s to come, yes it should that they are simply loved one, the government should not have the say one people’s reklationship, much sadness and deep hearache is being caused, it is disgusting

  2. Reblogged this on hoffandrea123's Blog and commented:
    Government are basically destroying family life and so called promoting it on the other hand, genuine people are being destroyed mentally through being separated by these rules, I am ashamed to be british the government are worst then criminals however when will they be brought to justice, are we entitled to an family life under current human rights.

  3. It’s disgusting the government do not realise the damage they are doing to people mentally,physically and financially they are worst then criminals however when will they be brought to justice. I’m currently affected by these new rules have we got a right to family life under article 8 of the human rights laws.

  4. sunil patel says:

    I had applied for lonely and very feeble widowed father leaving in india, who is alone without family, He is suffering from slow dementia and there is no facility of Nurshing home like UK. He is at home alone without family. My brother is in USA. The refusal was made three times to Upper Tribunal to grant him Visa to Join his family in UK. The useless citizenship we are holding. I think we should burn our citizenship in front of Westminister. The useless uncaring British Immiigration rules framed on 9 July 2012 for Elderly parent is impractical, inconsiderate, shrewdly designed to reduce immigrant community and promote disintegration. The lessons and advice getting to be integrated from all sides of politicians. Politicians do not have any sense of family integration. They should start repaying taxes to all immigrants so they paid in last 20 years so that atleast we can look after our relatives out of that repayments. The equality commission is useless quango who is watching this discrimination and watching this process lining up their pockets with taxpayers money. We are contributing towards useless society .

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