Sheehan’s story

I am a 22 year old British citizen who is pregnant with my first child. A year ago I went to Cambodia temporarily where I met the father of my child, fell madly in love and ended up deciding to stay and live there to be with him. We are now expecting the birth of our first child and although we are both extremely happy about becoming parents the new immigration laws have gave me so much stress during the pregnancy (so much I have even had to consider if I can keep the baby or not.) Cambodia is a country where you can only make a tiny amount of money to live and the living standards are nothing compared to what I have grown up with in the UK. I now feel however unless the immigration laws are changed I have no chance of ever living in the UK again unless I am willing to break up my family and leave my partner to stay in Cambodia. I am increasingly worried about my lack of options and have come to realise if we cannot provide for our child sufficiently on a Cambodian wage (which is around £40 a month) I will have to consider leaving my family to come to the UK alone to earn money or rely on my British family for help. If it were possible for us to live in the UK neither my partner or I would rely on government hand-outs but as I have no degree or career it would be impossible to meet the £22,000 a year requirement to sponsor both my partner and child.  I am so happy to be starting my family but feel as though It is causing my exile from the UK.


2 Comments on “Sheehan’s story”

  1. Zara Dominguez says:

    I lived in the Dominican Republic for 5 years, met my husband after being there for 2 years, we got engaged in October 2011, I fell pregnant in December 2011 and had our son in September 2012, in the Dominican Republic. As far as I am aware no matter where a child is born, if they have 1 parent who is a British Citizen, that child automatically becomes a British Citizen, I know my son did anyway. All I had to do was apply for his British passport from the Dominican Republic, it states his place of birth as Puerto Plata Dominican Republic, but states he is a British Citizen. I did contact the British embassy and they told me as I was a British Citizen our son would automatically get British Citizenship. We just had to get his birth certificate translated into English and legalised, to send off with his passport application. Since then, we have come to England, my husband on a 6 month visitor visa, so I could find work, and for us to not be torn apart as a family for such a long time, he is due to go back the DR in January 2014, which I am dreading our family being torn apart. I don’t meet the financial requirement by £3000, but we are still applying for the visa beginning of Feb, I know if you dont meet the requirement, they are putting them on hold, until the decission has been made in March about lowering the financial requirement to £13,500. Fingers crossed, and lots of prayers they do lower it! if we get refused I will hire an immigration lawyer and appeal. For the 6 month visitor visa, you can have family financial help, whereas for the spouse visa you can’t. Hope this helps you in some way and gives you some hope x

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hi I’m in a very similar situation me and my partner are planning to get married next year I spent spent the majority of last year in Kenya with him where he is a citizen of and where we met during my time as a volunteer there I retunred home when I was 3 months pregnant and am due to give birth in June I am still living with my parents since my arrival back home and they are in a comfortable financial position and we are hoping to apply for a visa for him to come in May so he can be there for the birth however that’s only 2 months away and I have major anxiety about what we should put on the visa application etc if you have any insight for me what so ever I would be greatful Zara , I completley empathize with your situation and Sheehan I empathize with you completley my partner has now lost his job in Kenya and is having to rely on his savings and some help from me at the moment so moving there has suddenly become out of the question

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