Martyn’s story

My name is Martyn a British Citizen working as a teacher in Cambodia. My wife is Thai and we have two sons who are also British citizens one boy is 5 and the other 1 year who is still breast fed. As we had bad news that my mother is not going to live long we decided to take the boys to the UK so my wife tried the English test, but failed. The next step we applied for a family visit visa for 6 months thinking that would give us time for my wife to learn English and then take the test again. My sister has enough income to support us. My wife has been refused on the grounds that she does not intend to return.

I am devastated of the outcome. How do I take a breast fed son who is British without his mother? Six months in the UK he will be settled but it is impossible to travel 20 hours on a plane without his mother although I will try. I don’t know what to do now. My work over here is without a contract and the immigration wants me to show I will return to Cambodia with my two children. Is this against all human right laws? I am British born and my mother and father are the oldest married couple in the UK – with three letters from HM Queen.

Four people were shot at the end of our street in Cambodia this week it is not safe here. I am 62 and can no longer work as a teacher so we have to part our family with great stress and upset.


3 Comments on “Martyn’s story”

  1. DB says:

    Have you considered moving to Ireland and living under EU law?
    You can invite your wife to live with you if you work for as little as ten to twelve hours per week.

    • sue says:

      i martyn my son lives in cambodia he has two children to a cambodia girl they arenot married and i can not go that far to see my grand kids can they come to england for a holliday to see me

  2. Yasser says:

    First Gay Weddings: PM Hails ‘Equal Marriage’

    Last Updated 07:33 29/03/2014
    Prime Minister David Cameron has hailed the first gay weddings in England and Wales as sending a “powerful message” about equality in the UK.

    The law changed at midnight, with a number of gay couples vying to claim the title of being among the first to be married as ceremonies took place across the country.

    Despite facing opposition from some in the Conservative Party about his backing for the change, Mr Cameron said the reform was necessary because “when people’s love is divided by law, it is that law that needs to change”.

    Writing in Pink News he said “this weekend is an important moment for our country” because “we will at last have equal marriage in our country”.

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