Zara’s story

I am British and I met my Dominican husband in January 2011. I was living and working in the Dominican Republic and he had just started working at the Canadian company I was working for. We now have a 16 month old son, who was born in the Dominican Republic. We decided the UK would be the best place for us to raise our family, also I wanted to return due to my mother being very ill. Due to the minimum income threshold being set at £18,600 we were not quite sure how we would do this. We decided in May 2013 we applied for the UK 6 month family visitor visa, to enable us to return to the UK, and for me to try and find employment in the £18,600 area, which proved impossible and I have had to settle for a job earning £14,100 a year. The 6 month family visitor visa was granted and we came to the UK on 15th July 2013, and my husband returned to the Dominican Republic yesterday 7th January, we got to spend out son’s 1st birthday together as a family, to spend Christmas, New year and our 1st wedding anniversary together, which we are ever so grateful for. But now what do we do, we just have to sit and wait until March to see if the government lower the income threshold to £13,400 a year. Last night was our 1st night apart as a family, and our son woke 8 times during the night, our son never wakes during the night, all I can put it down to is that he must know something isn’t quite right. I just wish the government would think of all these families torn apart because they don’t seem to have been born with a heart. I am praying everyday that the threshold is reduced is March, if it isn’t then I am not sure what we will do, because there are no jobs where I live that pay £18,600 a year, unless I work every hour God sends, and I refuse to leave my child not seeing his mother when he already has been seperated from his father, and I also refuse to kill myself, for a selfish government.


3 Comments on “Zara’s story”

  1. Fahima akthar says:

    This government doesn’t have a heart if they did they would’ve looked around and seen all the families that have been torn apart because of them we have children that need parents looking after them they need to be loved but the government is NOT understanding anything they are stopping everything from them. The amount of people that are going through so much day and night wishing that the law will come back to 13,400 March gone April is here God knows when it’s going to be final. I have a son that is two years old he hasn’t seen his dad for two years he sees his father through Tango we use that to see each other that’s the only way he sees his father that’s how he recognises his father. The only way the government will understand if they was put in our shoes and if they was separated from there family and there children that’s the only way they will understand our pain.

  2. Andrea says:

    I feel your pain. We can’t even apply because my fiancé doesn’t make enough. It’s so hard to be away.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Hi I was wandering if anyone could give me some advice I returned home from Kenya in December when I was three months pregnant with my partners child and we are planning to marry next year we would like to apply for a visitation visa for him and my mum said she would be willing to spons or him my as she is in a comfortable financial position where as returning to the uk I am on a wage of only 15,000 per year. We would ideally like him to come visit for as long as possible and to arrive some time in May however we don’t know what information we should out on the visa application etc any advice would be greatly appriciated as I have seen no information about this type of situation anywhere apart from on here ! Thank in advance

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