I’m just another statistic – Rene’s story

I’m also battling under the new immigration laws. I have not seen my husband and children for three months. My daughter’s are 11 and two. 
Here’s my story:
I am a South African born british citizen by decent. Things in SA are definitely rocky so my husband and I (we have been married for 12 years) decided that it’s time to get a better life; if not for us, for our girls. We heard of the financial requirement law so decided that I would come to the UK and look for work. To make matters worse my children aren’t even with their father in south Africa because he works 12 hour shifts. They are with my in-laws so my children have LOST BOTH PARENTS. So here I am in the UK three months down the line and just got a job working for KFC. What I need to do now is work seven days a week on the minimum wage of £6.31 an hour, 12 hours a day, to earn 
£25441.92 per annum. This is so I meet the £24800 financial requirement needed when you have two non-EU children. And this I have to do for six months. One is not supposed to work more than 48 hours a week, but I need to work 84!
I have seven years graphic design experience working for a newspaper and magazine publication. But in the last three months I didn’t get one interview because I have no degree or diploma. I thought Britain was better. I thought my children could flourish and one day also contribute to the UK economy because of the great education system. My 11 year old needs to start school in September how am I going to get that right . My husband has worked 12 hour shifts for 16 years of his life in South Africa. Does the immigration authority really think a man of that determination and stature is going to come sit on his bum in the UK and live off of public funds? No, I don’t thinks so. Well I gotta sleep now to start conserving energy, because from Monday my seven day a week job starts. My heart is breaking.