Wayne’s story

I’ve haven’t seen my wife and daughter since 2009, because of a visa issue.

After six months of constant chatting, I hopped on a plane to meet Gerlie, who is also 39, in the Philippines.

We both clicked and I, not wanting to say goodbye, decided to extend my two week trip.

In September 2007 we were married then, just months later, Gerlie found out she was pregnant.

When baby Adam, now five, was born he kept on getting sick – there was a lack of clean water and basic medication.

After two years together, we both decided it would be best for our child’s health to move to the UK. The plan: I would go first with Adam, find a house, and start my wife’s visa application

With the family together, Gerlie would then look after the children while I found another job in technical support. It seemed like the perfect plan, but quickly fell apart …

Just before I flew home in summer 2009, Gerlie found out she was pregnant again. It meant I missed the birth of Angela, who is now four.

Then came another blow … For Gerlie’s permanent visa, I had to prove I had £18,600 in the bank.

As my child’s sole carer, and with no one else to help, it was impossible for me to return to a full-time job.

Feeling desperate, I contacted my local MEP and even Downing Street. But I’ve received no help.

I’ve now spent nearly FIVE YEARS trying to be reunited with my family … And to meet my little girl for the first time.

It’s only recently, with Adam starting school, that I have been free to look for work.

I’m currently completing an ICT training course to ensure my technical skills are up-to-date. But even when finished I’ll have to work around my son’s school day. It means it will be years before I have the money to get my wife’s visa … If ever at all.

For the time being, Adam and I chat online to Gerlie and Angela every day. We’re a virtual family.

Little Adam has only ever met his sister through a computer and can barely remember the touch of his own mum. He regularly asks about Gerlie and when he can see her.

I’m stuck. I can’t get the money I need without my wife with me. But I need the money to do that.

It’s frustrating. There’s a list of countries whose citizens can just come to the UK and stay visa-free, but my wife can’t. My family is literally split in half because of it.

It looks like we’ll never be together, and it’s heartbreaking to think I may never meet my daughter. But despite everything, we’re still in a very happy relationship. Nothing can split that up.

Trying to get someone to sponsor her to come to UK I think is the only way, as I’m unable prove any savings either.

9 Comments on “Wayne’s story”

  1. arnold says:

    the british government are insensitive animals, they treat human being worse than pets, it’s disgusting and crazy situation.

  2. wayne says:

    and it seems like rules are never going to change .goverment only seem to think about themselves .not the misery they are coursing families by being spilt apart

    • The border closed and will not reopen my wife is from the Philippines and sat here today visa free in the UK taking SS rights EEA freedom of movement in fb groups there are many options just no longer a UK visa for the poor

  3. Kelly says:

    I am in a very similar situation. But i am the mother, British, with one daughter who’s 2 years old. Her father is Georgian, so not EEA. It is incredibly frustrating that we cannot get our partners here in order to earn all this money they say we require! I can only work part time because of childcare costs. I’m currently trying to think of ways to acquire this ridiculously large sum of money. We would even be half satisfied with a visitor visa for now, but that has been refused in the past on the grounds that they don’t believe he will return to Georgia when the visa expires. That’s frustrating also, as i cannot prove he will. Of course he will, as harbouring an illegal immigrant would totally jeopardise our future, nevermind all the other repercussions. We have visited my partner 3 times since our daughter was born. The costs to do this are very high, which means my savings never go up! I can think of no worse catch 22 situation! What is our way through this? I feel sick to the stomach every time i look at our daughter and remember that her dad has no access to her whatsoever. Prisoners have more rights! I have become extremely depressed, and cry non stop, which confuses and scares my daughter.
    Out of interest, have you applied for the visa again and been refused? How in depth was your application?

    • wayne says:

      at the moment unable to cover the costs off 18,600 and unable to save same problem as ur self its looking like if the rules dont change me and our son will have to go live there live in the philippines which isn,t its going to be nice as unable to work there

      • Kelly says:

        Its terrible what we’re all going through. I’m thinking now about asking family and friends for donations, which could ruin the relationships i have with them. Are UKBA just hoping we will eventually just give up?! All my family are wondering why i am still pursuing this, but splitting up forever is simply not an option for us. If i have to visit him every year for the next 10 years it would be a bad outcome, but so be it. I am secretly holding on to the hope that Georgia eventually becomes part of the EU, but they have been talking for years with little progress. (I am jealous beyond belief that Romania and Bulgaria got membership so quickly). But that’s a whole separate issue, and our situations get no batter through ranting unfortunately….
        As an extra note, have you thought about still applying for the visa, with lots of in depth details about your family life, photographs, lengthy history, the children affected etc? Could we get an Article 8 decision?

    • Kelly you can become EEA family members by living in another EU state for three months plus a day so simple your spouse no matter where there from can join you straight away outside the UK in any other EU state or EEA state

  4. Wayne, Similar situation here, our story is somewhere down the list of stories on here. Don’t know if you predicament has been resolved. Anyway just asking if you know of or heard of Surinder Singh? This is where you as EU citizen goes to another EU country ie Ireland, where your wife and baby can join you, then you exercise your rights of free movement for roughly about 6 month, by working and living in your chosen host country. After which you return to the UK as an EU together with your family, meaning no financial obstacles. You only need to fulfil the obligations of SS. There is plenty groups on FB on the same if its something you want to look into. All the best and I really know how you feel. I have been in the same situation but soon we will be doing SS ourselves.


  5. why wouldnt you take SS EEA family member rights to be a family within the next few weeks instead of moaning about the closed border get out and get them to the EU

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