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  1. emilychurchill says:

    When my husband (who is Palestinian) was struggling to get his UK visa I started a facebook group called I love my ‘foreign spouse’

    It now has over 200 members and is a space where people battling the spouse visa system can share experiences and support each other.. I know when we were going through it it really helped to talk to people in the same situation, so hopefully this group can help people feel a little less isolated and alone.

    Good luck everyone!


  2. emilychurchill says:

    When my husband (who is Palestinian) was struggling to get his UK visa I started a facebook group for people in the same situation, called I love my ‘foreign spouse’:

    It now has over 200 members and is a space where people can share experiences and support each other, and is open for anyone to join.

    Good luck everyone!


  3. Ashley says:

    I don’t know a whole lot about the law but is there not some kind of class action suit there can be taken by those affected? I am a British Citizen that has been living with my South African wife in SA for the past four years. We have just had to withdraw our visa appeal to try and make it water tight but now we are in an even worse position. I am unable to work in South Africa for two reasons. Firstly because of the extremely volatile political and I hate to say racial overtones that are still very present in this country up to this day. Secondly because my temporary residence permit will not allow it. All we want to do is return to the UK so we can try and make a life together where we can both work and enjoy our life together as a family. Theresa May’s short sighted and arrogant approach to family settlement have now totally derailed this. I will add my name to any petition and wholeheartedly and enthusiastically support any form of protest to the draconian new measures that have been implicated. This is surely a violation of our human rights?

    • arnold says:

      hello ashley, yes a violation of human rights, we cannothelp who we love and have children to, i am trapped simular to you.
      my philippines fianceee has our 5 months old baby girl, i am retired and cannot havev in come thart they ask for, but i am sur we could mamage, my fiancvee after a few months could find work and we’d manage without any public funds, we would sign to say that.
      could this not be a way to allow families to be united.
      i hope and pray for you that your life will be as god intended in a family enviourment with you nearest and dearest ones, arnold kitching.

      • kelly says:

        My Indian partner submitted an application in New Delhi for a UK tourist visa . He wanted to come and be here for the birth of his baby so he forked out to have the application fast tracked. Over 3 weeks later he finally received a response stating that the application was rejected ! He has previously studied and worked in the UK and has been back in india for over a year . Now our baby is 1month old and he is missing everything . We knew that we would not be able to afford a uk spouse visa when the rules changed this year so we resigned ourselves to the fact we will live in India together. Despite being completely honest, (and providing a ridiculous amount of information to support our story and our intention to live in India) in his application, it still did not satisfy the entry clearance officer who believed there was not enough info proving he would return to India . What hope is there if honesty does not pay off ?? . If we want to live together as a family we will have to live in India there is not a choice. It would be nice to have a choice (or be able to afford the option of living in UK) . I will lose all my rights in India and be thousands of miles away from the support of my family. won’t even be able to receive child benefit not to mention adjusting to a new culture and the massive costs of education and healthcare . It boils my blood when there are foreign families living here with more rights than me and their cushty family lives – I am BORN AND BRED BRITISH AND HAVE ALWAYS PAID MY TAXES!

  4. Dee says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I married my wonderful Husband, who was also Indian, way back in 1997!
    Before these stupid new rules became effective on 9th July 2012.
    We applied for a visit visa to meet my family in 1999 ( 2 yrs after we married)
    And although we were settled nicely in India, his visit visa was refused?
    They reckoned if granted entry, my hubby would not return to the his homeland.
    I was gutted, but my hubby just said it’s fine!
    I felt torn, because I didn’t believe they actually thought it was a marriage of convenience.
    So I decided to apply for a settlement visa, we went to Bombay ( now Mumbai ) were both interviewed separately, told to have a seat, very anxiously waited!
    Then the lady interviewing us, called us to a desk!
    Waiting open mouthed, she said the settlement visa was approved!
    So why did he not get the 2 week visit visa, it’s crazy!
    You can live in UK, but we can’t trust you to go there for 2 weeks.

    They change the rules to suit, I do sincerely hope that you all get,
    the rights we were as British citizens born with.
    To have a family life!
    We stayed here only 4yrs, worked hard,paid our taxes, saved loads and took it all with us, back to incredible India.
    We are now both British citizens, but Indian at heart.
    Marriage of convenience?
    I think NOT, nobody in their right mind,
    could put up with me 17 yrs in Febuary 2014!
    In return for a British Passport!
    We are very much still in love.

    Best of luck to you Kelly & Your husband.

    Dee & Babu

  5. Hamera says:

    I am a British a citizen and have married a Pakistani citizen ,however I am not being allowed to get him a spouse visa, regardless of the fact that I work as a temporary staff and work 40 hours a week with a minimum pay of £8 an hour. However it happens to be that sometimes I am unable to attend work due to being sick which all people do . And so am sometimes am unable to reach the amount of £302 a week. It happens to be that I have been married for just over a year now and really need a spouse visa … What can you guys advise?
    Please post comments

  6. Hoffman says:

    Well The uk was an flagship country of this world, ie listening and protecting fellow British citizens, however this is not the case with the Ukba and new governments rules regarding the £ 18600 threshold required to bring your spouse back to the uk. The government are basically destroying true British citizens and their partners, kids and most importantly denying thousands the right to family life. It,s a total shambles and these ministers Teresa may being one do not know the damage it has inflicted on many families around the world. Basically it,s sad to say and I thought I would never say this, I’m ashamed to be British.

  7. daryl says:

    Hello all, i have just read some letters here,it would seem we are all in the same boat,and need to work together to get our loved ones home,I married my darling .(chinese lady )in 2008 but she had to return to china for family reasons ,we married is Swansea south Wales .U.K, but now for Goverment policy they have kept us apart now for 5 painful years,U.K GOVERMENT is tourmenting familys ,and screwing hard working familys for money ,the new namw for TAX ,is now called a VISA .TAX on loved ones,i was born in UK but i to am very ashamed to say that i am British person,While the GOVE do not have a problem with the rate of VISA/TAX ,they can marry any one they want ,If they say 18,000 or more 2.400 for each child , then the N.M.W should be set to that level,I think we all need to act on this Tax on family that they have created and keep loved ones apart ,they have no heart or thought for the people of uk who pay much tax and see the stupid GOVE squander mony ,I talk with my darling nearly every day ,so painful.,Does anyone out there know for a site where we can collect votes or tell me how to set one up so we can tell U.K GOVE THE PAINFUL way they act ,they do to U.K familys.Hope we all will be lucky this year ,,thank for taking the time to read ,all help is greatfull ,We must fight this sick game they play,

  8. Alan says:

    Good luck to everyone trying to get their spouses into the UK, my fiance and I are about to begin the process.
    We are trying to find a simple answer but cannot, maybe some of you guys have experience?
    When you fit the criteria of £18,600 pa and your partner can stay, is he/she then allowed to look for work straight away and start to earn for themselves or does the sponsor have to support them indefinitely?
    Thanks folks, happiness to you all

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