Nathan’s story

I am a 42 year old full blooded Englishman who’s grandparents played active roles during WWII in the RAF. Unfortunately my grandfathers have passed away along with one of my grandmas though my remaining 91 year old grandmother is as strong as an ox and still has the humour of a young woman!!

I was given the opportunity to work overseas at the young age of 22 and have seen, lived & worked in most countries the average UK citizen can only dream about. I have been very fortunate to see a lot of the world and also broaden my mind with all the different cultures I have been involved with.

That being said, being tired of living in rented accommodation for the past 20 years we made the decision to move back to my home country at the beginning of this year with my Thai wife of 13 years marriage and our 12 year old son who is also a British Citizen and currently studying in my former UK Secondary School we have been hit by the mighty UKBA and our governments ‘so called’ immigration policies!

Being completely naive to the current immigration situation I applied for the spouse visa on behalf of my wife in January and quite frankly made a complete mess and kissed goodbye to approximately 1000GBP application costs. Bearing in mind that directly after Xmas 2013 we enrolled our son into his current UK school thinking that we would follow soon after.

I then sought professional advice whom advised me to make a fresh application, so to avoid the risk of a 2nd rejection we applied for only a visit visa which was rejected by the UKBA Abu Dhabi within 48 hours as the case officer ‘assumed’ due to the rejection of the spouse visa that my wife would overstay and remain in the UK illegally!!! How absurd and who gives this case officer the power to call my wife an untrustworthy person?

My wife has held 2 previous visit visas, both of which were honoured as per the immigration requirements. We have never even been asked for a meeting to prove that we are a real family??

I have rented my grandmas house for the past 6 months and shall have completed the purchase in October, I have full time employment and earn an above average salary, my wife has private medical insurance and quite frankly we need nothing from the UK government only permission for my wife to remain living under my roof taking care of our son whilst I continue with my career which unfortunately means spending several weeks away from my family.

We now find my 60+ year old mother & father taking care of my son and our pet dog for the past 8 months whilst this mess is ongoing. All of our furniture has been shipped from the Middle East to the UK. Our local MP Sir Peter Tapsell after 3 separate meetings performed a U-turn via letter to our lawyer suggesting that ‘the boy should be educated in either the fathers place of work or mothers country of residence!!! Our son is an Englishman and has every right to be educated in his country, he also has every right as a human being to have his mother with him during his studies!

I am currently based in Saudi Arabia (not a nice place for a 12 year old boy) and my wife is staying alone in Thailand (also not the best place to be at the moment with the poor political situation) which leaves me only to ask the UKBA if I/we are not welcome in both my and my sons own country then could they advise as to where we can live and will they pay the travel costs for my family to visit us including my 91 year old grandma who loves to see my wife and remembers her name every time!

Whilst on this rant I note that any EU citizen is free to come to my country and also can bring along their spouse who may not be from within the EU and they need only to show a marriage certificate and a passport. No other questions, formalities or documents are required and the visa will more than likely be issued free of charge, within 10 days and cannot be refused??????

I feel I am a second-class citizen in my own country and totally disgusted by how I/we as a family are being treat.

The world is a mess at the moment with everybody killing each other yet the UKBA has split my family thus stopping us from living our normal lives together as a family in my own country!!

I see from your website that I am not alone and feel extremely content with getting my story out there.

Kind regards,


Wayne’s story

I’ve haven’t seen my wife and daughter since 2009, because of a visa issue.

After six months of constant chatting, I hopped on a plane to meet Gerlie, who is also 39, in the Philippines.

We both clicked and I, not wanting to say goodbye, decided to extend my two week trip.

In September 2007 we were married then, just months later, Gerlie found out she was pregnant.

When baby Adam, now five, was born he kept on getting sick – there was a lack of clean water and basic medication.

After two years together, we both decided it would be best for our child’s health to move to the UK. The plan: I would go first with Adam, find a house, and start my wife’s visa application

With the family together, Gerlie would then look after the children while I found another job in technical support. It seemed like the perfect plan, but quickly fell apart …

Just before I flew home in summer 2009, Gerlie found out she was pregnant again. It meant I missed the birth of Angela, who is now four.

Then came another blow … For Gerlie’s permanent visa, I had to prove I had £18,600 in the bank.

As my child’s sole carer, and with no one else to help, it was impossible for me to return to a full-time job.

Feeling desperate, I contacted my local MEP and even Downing Street. But I’ve received no help.

I’ve now spent nearly FIVE YEARS trying to be reunited with my family … And to meet my little girl for the first time.

It’s only recently, with Adam starting school, that I have been free to look for work.

I’m currently completing an ICT training course to ensure my technical skills are up-to-date. But even when finished I’ll have to work around my son’s school day. It means it will be years before I have the money to get my wife’s visa … If ever at all.

For the time being, Adam and I chat online to Gerlie and Angela every day. We’re a virtual family.

Little Adam has only ever met his sister through a computer and can barely remember the touch of his own mum. He regularly asks about Gerlie and when he can see her.

I’m stuck. I can’t get the money I need without my wife with me. But I need the money to do that.

It’s frustrating. There’s a list of countries whose citizens can just come to the UK and stay visa-free, but my wife can’t. My family is literally split in half because of it.

It looks like we’ll never be together, and it’s heartbreaking to think I may never meet my daughter. But despite everything, we’re still in a very happy relationship. Nothing can split that up.

Trying to get someone to sponsor her to come to UK I think is the only way, as I’m unable prove any savings either.