The Family Immigration Alliance is a blog, set up in 2011, to reflect the experience of UK ‘sponsors’ in family immigration. We believe in the public discourse around immigration, that one distinct group of people is left unrepresented; the citizens and legitimate residents of the UK, whose already highly conditioned right to a family life is put further in jeopardy by rule changes on family immigration.

In July 2012 the government implemented new immigration rules on family migrants establishing, among many things:

  • an income requirement on the UK sponsor of at least £18600 per annum, increasing in increments of of £2400 per child.
  • an extended probationary period (the period before you apply for indefinite leave to remain) to 5 years
  • no recognition of third party support and continued non-recognition of migrant spouses earning for entry visas
  • additional severe restrictions on elderly relatives (and complete exclusion of aunts and uncles)
  • No right of appeal for refused family visas.

If you are affected by the rule changes, or have had experience going through family visas, you’re invited to share your story here.

The burden that restrictive immigration rules have on British citizens, and permanent residents must be clear and public. The Family Immigration Alliance provides a place to voice your concerns. Send us an email to post your story.

Our objective is to demystify ‘the other’ and confront the wider impact immigration proposals pose to domestic society.